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Can I Count Cards at Online Blackjack?

Card counting is a strategy that can help you win at blackjack, but it requires practice, patience and a good memory. It also requires a bankroll that can handle losses and long-term profits.

Counting cards is possible when playing blackjack online, but only with Live Blackjack games that don’t use continuous shuffling. Otherwise, the constant shuffling thwarts the strategy. 슬롯사이트


Card counting is a technique that lets you improve your chances of winning at blackjack by keeping track of the high and low cards dealt. While it isn’t illegal, casinos frown upon it and may ban players who are caught using it. This is because it reduces their revenue, undermines the game’s luck-based nature, and deters recreational players.

Counting cards is more complicated than it appears, and it requires practice to be successful. Luckily, you can practice by playing online blackjack for free before trying it out in real-world casinos. Just be sure to read our complete guide to learn all the tips and tricks needed for counting cards at blackjack.

When it comes to card counting in a casino, the shuffling process is the main stumbling block. A shuffle takes at least 15-30 seconds in a physical casino, or several minutes with a computerized shuffling machine. Moreover, a dealer can easily pick up on your counting attempts by observing your hands.


While counting cards may not be as glamourous as it looks in the movies, it is still a real skill that many players use to increase their chances of winning. It’s important to remember that this strategy is not a foolproof system and does not guarantee profits in the short term, but those who master it can reap significant rewards.

To count cards successfully, you’ll need to practice and perfect blackjack basic strategy. This is because the house edge is reduced by a large margin when you play blackjack correctly. It’s also important to note that you should only count cards in a live dealer blackjack game at online casinos with a high house edge and good deck penetration, as the shoes are constantly reshuffled and the running counts start anew each round.

This means that any casino that is savvy enough to catch you counting cards will limit your bets or even close your account as soon as they spot the signs. Luckily, there are many online blackjack casinos with low house edges and good deck penetration where card counting is viable. 카지노사이트


Counting cards is not illegal, but casinos are well aware of the practice and do everything they can to prevent it. They have surveillance cameras watching every move and will often change dealers when they think a player is on a hot streak. They also will force random shuffles to stop players from keeping track of cards.

Card counting can still be done, but it requires a high level of skill and an immense bankroll. Moreover, it is hard to remain undetected and the profits are relatively small. For this reason, many people avoid it and stick to the basic strategy.

To count cards online, you will need a live dealer casino that doesn’t use a continuous shuffler, an advanced card counting app or a good blackjack strategy, and a large bankroll. You will also need to find a casino that doesn’t lock up your funds when they detect telltale signs of card counting. It is important to note that card counting is a technique for improving your game, not cheating.


Card counting is a skill-based strategy that can be used to improve your chances of winning at blackjack. It’s not a foolproof system that guarantees profits, but if mastered, it can significantly narrow the house edge. It’s not illegal to count cards, although many casinos have tactics in place to spot counters and eject them.

The first step in card counting is learning the card values. Numbered cards 2 to 6 are given a value of +1, while 7 to 9 and aces are worth -1. Then, you must practice to get up to speed with the dealer’s pace.

Online casino blackjack is a great way to practice your counting skills. However, you’ll need to have adequate deck penetration and enough rounds per hour to make the process profitable. Moreover, live dealer blackjack tables don’t offer the same level of penetration as brick and mortar casinos. This makes it difficult to count cards. Fortunately, some casinos have begun to encourage counting cards because it creates a net positive expected value for them. 온라인카지노사이트

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